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thailand instruments
What is the worst feature I've seen in a car?

I screen the Daihatsu Copen TFT that he had rented property in Thailand was dumbest car ever. That would change from one set of instruments Atari degree stop a cheesy looking skyscape clouds of cotton candy. Now I know the transmission of change was the Mitsubishi Super Car stupidest feature ever. It was a manual transmission including eight forward and two steps back through a box mounted two-speed transfer case behind a four-speed manual transmission. It takes two hands to use and was a failure. I noticed this when visiting my mother's house before and saw the old car that a neighbor had stored on your hard for years was gone. A strange car collector came along and paid $ 6,000 for it. It was in relatively good condition because it had only a handful of times before that our neighbor had gotten sick of it. (Http: / / / wiki / Mitsubishi_Super_Shift_transmission)

The driver! I thought we were die! lol

Santana’s Song Thai Instruments.

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